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Make sure to check you don’t order books twice or order books you have already purchased. The teachers provide us with a list of books that are needed to be able to follow the specific programme. There is a fair chance that certain books are used throughout more than one programme and therefore reappear in the list. The liability for ordering the right books always lies within the student.

1.   Carefully check the content of your shopping cart.

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Because we print the materials 'on demand', an incorrect order of course notes cannot be returned.

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You can always opt having your books delivered to your home. For packages below 5 kg, the cost is € 6.05.

If your campus offers this option, you can pick up your books during the indicated pop-up moments or in a designated classroom on campus.

If this option is not shown, this is not possible.

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If you have not received an email from us (sender: ucll@xod.be), please send an email with the students name to ucll@xod.be. We will check whether your order has been placed correctly.

We will process your order as quickly as possible and according to the agreements with your UCLL campus. We will keep you informed via email throughout the ordering process. Want to know the expected delivery time? Please send your order number and the name of the student to ucll@xod.be.

When a teacher adds material to the list, later than expected, the price is not yet known during the first order fase. The material will also not be available on the webshop during this fase.

+/- 3 weeks after the start of the semester, the list will be updated and this material can be ordered. We recommend that you pre-order the books that are in stock and order the other books afterwards.

We have noticed that the combination of browser, device and our webshop occasionally causes problems.

If you experience technical problems, please visit our webshop through a different browser or view the webshop on a different type of device

eg. Laptop).

As soon as you complete the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Always mention the order reference that is provided in all further communication. This helps our colleagues to quickly finding your order.

We will immediately get to work so your order is shipped out as soon as possible. Do you have specific questions about the delivery and delivery time of your package? Take a look at the category 'Shipping/Pick Up. Here you can find all further information.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add items to your order or to merge two orders.

There is a possibility to cancel certain articles or, if necessary, the entire order as long as your order has not been further processed. Send an email to ucll@xod.be. Be sure to include your order reference and the full name of the book(s) you wish to cancel.