We will process your order as quickly as possible and according to the agreements with your UCLL campus. We will keep you informed via email throughout the ordering process. Want to know the expected delivery time? Please send your order number and the name of the student to ucll@xod.be.

For packages below 5 kg, the shipping cost for home delivery is € 6.05. This is the actual cost for the shipment of this package. Packages above 5 kg will be sent to you for free.

If your campus offers this option, you can pick up your books at the indicated pop-up moments or in a designated classroom on campus. This option is always free.

In a number of cases you cannot choose delivery at the pop-up shop.

  1. Package weight

Large and heavy packages above 5 kg are delivered to your home for free, therefore you cannot select a pop-up shop on a Campus.

  1. Time between order and pop-up shop.

Up to 7 days before the day of the pop-up shop you can opt for collection at the Campus. After that, you can only opt for home delivery because we can no longer guarantee that the package can be prepared in time for collection.

  1. No pop-up shop on Campus.

It is possible that your campus has decided not to organize a pop-up shop. In that case, you can only opt for home delivery.

When your first delivery is not complete, it means that one or more books were out of stock at our warehouse or our supplier.

In this case, we will send you a first partial delivery and send the missing books through a second package.

This second package is delivered in the same way as the first. If you chose 'Delivery via pop-up shop' as the shipping method, your second package will also be delivered to the Campus. If you opted for shipping via GLS, you will receive a second package via the parcel service, at the same address.

If you receive your package via GLS and it is damaged, immediately report this to the driver. If necessary, unpack the package and check, together with the driver, whether there is any damage to the delivered goods.

If the package shows obvious damage, you can refuse the package.

Be sure to contact our customer service (ucll@xod.be). Send us photos of the damaged box and/or items and of the GLS label on the box. Be sure to include your order reference.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your delivery method. Make sure to choose the right one right away.

This is not possible. We offer home delivery via GLS as well as on-campus pickup when the campus provides this option.

If you opt for shipping via parcel service, we rely on GLS for the delivery of your package.

The shipping costs are paid at the checkout of your order.

When you receive an email or text message asking you to pay extra shipping costs, do not respond. There is a possibility that it is fraud.

If in doubt, please contact us: ucll@xod.be.